What is Automated Marketing?

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Are you an SME owner looking for ways to improve sales and increase profits?  The problem is when you’re a SME owner, you’re juggling lots of different balls at the same time.  It’s easy to take your eye off one ball, and in no time at all, you’ve dropped the lot.  In business this can mean missing out on lucrative opportunities when you failed to follow up on them.

The solution is InfusionSoft, the revolutionary web-based software that automates your marketing, sales and customer management activities to maximise your sales and marketing capacity.  InfusionSoft powerfully integrates websites, email, podcasting, and task/appointment setting, into one dynamic web-based automated solution.

InfusionSoft is the revolutionary answer to your sales and marketing problems.


Automated Follow Up

Automation is the core of InfusionSoft’s powerful software.  Nearly all aspects of your business can be automated, helping you to stay in touch with your contacts, follow up leads and increase sales – which means you can turn your attention to other pressing issues, whilst InfusionSoft brings home the bacon.

Targeted Emails

To send targeted email manually takes up a great deal of your time. But with InfusionSoft, you can automatically target emails directly to those contacts that WANT to receive that kind of information.  By combining our CRM software with automated email marketing, you can send tailored messages to target contacts, which means you know that those emails are going to be read by people who are interested in what you have to say.

Managed Contacts

The better you know your customers and prospects, the better you can match their needs to your services or products.  With InfusionSoft’s super-powered contact management advantage, you’ll be able to track conversations, examine their behaviour and improve conversion rates.

Automated Workflow

Mundane tasks and activities sap your motivation and take up precious time.  With InfusionSoft, you can automate all the repetitious tasks.  With a quick click of your mouse, you can complete multiple tasks at once, which means that you’re free to focus on the business of increasing your income.

Segmented Lists

Wouldn’t it be great if your marketing systems knew automagically which contact would be interested in Macs and which would prefer PCs? Wouldn’t be it be great if it only sent your PC marketing messages to PC owners and Mac messages to Mac owners? Or how about if it knew the difference between those that liked tea or coffee?  However you want to meaningfully segment your customers, InfusionSoft delivers!

Capture Online Leads

InfusionSoft works directly with your website by creating customised web forms that allow you to capture contact info from interested parties straight from the web and follow up on the lead automatically.

Sell Products/Services Online

If building a shopping cart, setting up online product aisles and processing orders sounds like a nightmare.  Just let InfusionSoft take care of it.  Make it even easier to earn money effortlessly through your website.

Track Your Deals

Struggling to keep track of who bought which products from you? Want to know which stage each of your customers is at in the buying process? InfusionSoft steathily tracks the entire process and let’s you know which prospects are ready to buy from you.

Collect Money

Chasing invoices is a pain.  InfusionSoft is your painkiller!  The entire billing and collections process is automated, which means you won’t waste any more time chasing up unpaid bills.  This means you can focus your precious time on more valuable activities.

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