Generating leads: marrying Infusionsoft and SMS

Using Infusionsoft and SMS together can be a really powerful tool to generate leads.

To illustrate this point, Mr Tyler Garns, the VP of Marketing from Infusionsoft, tells a wonderful example of how he managed to capture leads using SMS and Infusionsoft in his article on the official Infusionsoft blog .

To summarise the story, he was doing a presentation about Infusionsoft in front of about 50 people during a conference in New York. At the end of the presentation, he managed to capture the contact details of 48 people, using SMS and Infusionsoft.

At the end of his presentation, he told that he is giving away books for free and in order to receive the books, all they had to do was text the word “chaos” (because the title of the free book was called Conquer the Chaos), followed by their email address.

These people who sent the text were then automatically tagged in Infusionsoft system, received an email, immediate text response, and they were started on a follow-up sequence.

Very clever, isn’t it? In the situation like conferences, SMS works better than emails because people many not have laptop or smartphone with them.

Mr Garns goes on to say: “Once people are in your Infusionsoft CRM, you can send broadcast texts from Infusionsoft or even use text messages as part of follow-up sequence. It’s great for appointment and event reminders and just about anything else that could be accomplished with a text message.”

“This example is among many that shows how you can take Email Marketing 2.0 to the next level in your business. It’s not just emails … it’s not just texting … it’s leveraging both platforms to accomplish the need to send the right message at the right time to the right people. When you think of Infusionsoft, think of it as the engine to your marketing machine – it can really do anything.”

In the US, there is a service called InfusionSMS. You can see the demonstration video here.

Unfortunately, this service is  unavailable in the UK. However, we have been developing the system to integrate SMS to Infusionsoft for the UK users.

If you want to know more about what you can do using Infusionsoft and SMS together, plesase CONTACT US!

2 thoughts on “Generating leads: marrying Infusionsoft and SMS

  1. Hi there, I have an SMS account with Global Messaging as well as an Infusionsoft Application. I would be interested in hearing details of any SMS to infusionsoft solutions you have.



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