Infusionsoft Testimonial Videos Part 1:

The owner of TheRestaurantExpert.Com, Mr David Scott Peters, thinks that deciding to use Infusionsoft was the best decision he has ever made for his business!

Here are some other quotations from this video:

“…because everything gets tied together…and I am only using 10% of what is capable of doing. And it has made a huge difference. If you are even thinking about being in the information marketing business, or you want to be able to communicate with your customers, CRM from Infusionsoft is a must…”

“…while I have only been able to use about 10% of what the system does, now I have literally how to step by step guide that I need to literally double my sales…because if I am only using 10% and if I use at least another 25% of its capabilities, I can do nothing but increase my sales…”

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