Marketingblast! 3 Minutes Marketing Techniques PART 2: Effective Direct Mailing

If you have a cold list of 1000 people, what will be a better way of converting them into your prospects and eventually to your clients?

Rather than sending all of them the sales letters again and again, it will be better to send them a letter to sell a free gift. It can be a DVD, an e-book or a free seminar. These free gifts should be related to what you are going to sell.

This way, you can find out who have the higher level of interest in what you are going to sell. You can then keep focusing on those people who responded for the offer by sending subsquent offers to start nurturing the relationship.

These respondents are more likely to buy from you when you finally make a sales pitch because you have already established a relationship. It is like when you meet someone in a pub, you do not directly ask that person to marry you, right?

(photo by FreeDigitalPhotos.Net)

You can also save money by not sending the subsquent mails to the people who are just not interested. You can then use that money to focus on these hotter leads by giving them more value. i.e. better envelope or better gift.

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