Marketingblast! 3 Minutes Marketing Techniques PART 3: The Law of Compounding

Albert Einstein said that the most powerful force in the universe is the law of compounding.

What if I say to you that this also applies to marketing? The secret of having a successful marketing campaign is compouding your efforts and not having just one shot at something and quit. Sometimes you will need to commit your time and effort until you get the rewards!

Therefore, it is very important to plan your marketing campaigns before executing them. And if you prepare well and decide that your particular marketing campaign is worth investing your time and money, stick to it.

A good example to illustrate this point is Marlboro’s advertising campaign. The Marlboro Cowboy Man adverts helped the company to top the industry, but the success did not come overnight. They had to wait a year and stick to the plan before the sales began to increase.

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