3 Quick Keys to Killer Branding

Imagine if your business was the first thing to come to mind when your ideal customers are looking for a product, service or idea your company offers. How does this happen? Branding – plain and simple. When most of us want to look up some information on the internet, we don’t say ‘search the web’; instead, we use the brand most associated with doing that action and say, ‘just Bing it’. Wait, no, that’s not right, no one uses Bing. Of course, ‘just Google it’ is the most common phrase because Google is the most widely used and has the most ‘Top of Mind’ effect, also known as ‘Brand Eminence’.

Today, we’re going to take a quick look at some great things to keep in mind as your brand is being crafted (hint: it’s ALWAYS being crafted!).

1. Stand out and be unique in the marketplace! Know what sets you apart from competitors and capitalize on those differences. For example, Automated Marketing is essentially a web development company. However, we specialise in the area of Infusionsoft consultancy, email marketing automation and API integration with Infusionsoft. For those of you in the Infusionsoft CRM world, you know that there are a number of other companies out there who offer similar services. What what makes us unique in that particular niche? Well, we’re UK-based, have a fantastic track record of testimonials, offer unique Infusionsoft services and have over 18 years of internet consultancy experience. These additional factors make us the clear winner when looking for Infusionsoft-related services, and experience in peripheral fields of internet consultancy. As you examine your businesses ask yourself, “What is my USP – Unique Selling Point?”

2. Be Exciting! If you’ve ever seen Automated Marketing exhibitions, you know that everyone knows who we are and wants to know what we’re about. All of our booths have multiple eye-catching visuals – whether it be balloons, videos, or unique stands that look like street corners. We make things exciting and memorable for the attendees because we know the next time we see them they have a reference to us of, “Yes, you were the large booth with all the balloons and toolboxes.

3. Be interesting! Offer products that are fun, interesting and most of all add MASSIVE value to the users. As a business to business service provider, we are constantly looking for new ways to add value to our clients and expanding our product line. For example, we’ve recently launched our Event Buddy system, an IMAP tool and our ZenCart Infusionsoft integration tool. Event Buddy is making waves in the training and seminar industry and our ZenCart tool is a hit.

There is enough out there on branding to go on for days but if you just FOCUS on these three things, you will begin to see HUGE results in your businesses.

Thanks for reading and be sure to share and tell your friends!

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