Fruit Vendor Basics & Internet Marketing

I was recently on holiday in Spain near Cadiz and we went to a local market where I saw an item I can never walk past – Crystalised Fruit. I used my fluent Spanish (pointing and gesturing at what I wanted showing the portion size with my hands!) and ordered some pineapple and kiwi. While weighing my goods, he passed me some crystalised cranberries (something I had never tried before) to taste. Soon I was hooked and immediately ordered some of that too.

This small period of time, in an unexpected place, reminded me that upselling is so important – it will ensure money is not left on the table when making a deal. An upsell is an opportunity to add more value to your customer’s life. I didn’t know crystalised cranberries existed before he offered me the upsell and within just a few minutes I was HAPPILY purchasing more of the delicious fruit. If you know that your product or service will add value and benefit to the people who are ALREADY buying from you, then consider it an obligation to provide maximum value to your clients and at least OFFER it. The more value they receive from you, the happier they are and more likely they are to become repeat customers who refer business to you!

If a market stall holder selling fruit can do this successfully, then top Internet Marketers like you should be able to put this into action in your business. What products of yours are complementary to one another? I use the InfusionSoft system for all my sales and marketing – and using the API I have written, some great 1-click up-sell order forms for InfusionSoft which work very well for this situation.

Have a think – where will upselling work in your business; online and offline.

Thanks for reading and if you found this of value, please be sure to share and let your friends know! :)

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