Infusionsoft wins another award: 2009 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), has rewarded Infusionsoft the 2009 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.

Mr Marc Chesley, VP of Product and Technology for Infusionsoft, was very proud about receiving this award:

“It’s an honor that TMC is recognizing us for our commitment to our small business customers and innovation.”

“In the next 12 months 600,000 new small businesses will be created. By the end of the year, half of them will have shut their doors forever. We’re not okay with this, and it’s why we will continue to improve and innovate so we can help more small businesses grow with our Email Marketing 2.0 solution.”

The CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani, was full of praise for Infusionsoft.

“Infusionsoft has been recognized with a 2009 Product of the Year Award for their admirable efforts in the advancement of email marketing communications.

“Its marketing automation software has shown benefits for its customers and provides ROI for the companies that use it. Congratulations to the entire team at Infusionsoft. I look forward to more innovative solutions from them in the coming year.”

Well done, Infusionsoft team!

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